It’s more fun at SAILG!

Being at the Southeast Asian Institute of local Governance, so far it has been the most adventurous school year of my senior life. SAILG offers and opens door for you. They will provide you all the things that can improve your knowledge specially when it comes to Information Technology (IT) . Southeast Asian Institute is the only school offers the following courses in advance curriculum: Multimedia arts, Photography, Animation, and Advance IT.

When it comes to sports, the SAILG has also their football team. Being part of the team purple wolves is also the best part of my life as a senior high. I never thought I would love this sport because I had no idea that joining football team would be a great impact and makes a big difference to my life. Because during our training, practices, and tournaments I have really learned a lot. The learnings that are not just applicable on sports but also in my everyday living.

Southeast Asian Institute also gives their students an opportunity to start school activities according to their interest as long as it is for the goodness of their fellow students. SAI celebrates also their annual tradition, which is the most awaited event of  the school year.

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