First Day High

When the day has arrived that the school days will start, I feel a little bit nervous with matching excitement. Well it’s just natural for a newbie student like me to felt like that,because it’s not like you’re meeting with your old classmates but a new one. It’s like starting a new page of your life as a student.

And here I go trying to fit inn and socialize with those fellow students that are also a newbie, and finally I’ve got a new friend thanks to my very strong fighting spirit. Even though my inner feeling is almost bursting because I felt like I did  a shameful thing ever hahaha, you know why? because it’s my first time that I’m the one who ask to be my friend haha.

At the last I did what it according to my plan that I would be a friendly newbie hahaha, even though I’m actually an antisocial, but I did it (grin). That’s how my first day in senior high.

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